Ultimate Bundle

Ultimate Bundle

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This is our Ultimate Bundle! When you can't decide which spicy candy you want or which gummy so you get them ALL! The Box Includes one of each of the following....

11 Count Mango Revolcado

11 Count Elote Revolcado

11 Count Pika Slice 

6 Oz 12 Flavor Bears

 6 Oz Chilirokas Assorted 

6 Oz Enchiloka Sandia

6 Oz Enchiloka Mango

6 Oz Enchiloka Pineapple

6 Oz Green Apple Rings

6 Oz Jovy Fruit

6 Oz Jovy Pop

6 Oz Neon Rings

6 Oz Neon Worms

6 Oz Peach Rings

 6 Oz Revolcaditas Assorted

6 Oz Revolcados Bear

6 Oz T'amaros

6 Oz Watermelon Rings

6 Oz Watermelon Slices 

 6 Oz Vallenito Assorted

18 Oz Revolcado Mix

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